Ticket Entry

  1. Go to Point of Sale > Tickets > Ticket Entry
  2. Login to a station and drawer
  3. Click Process Orders. This is usually an O with a gear on it, the icon will vary based on the Counterpoint version

Then you should be able to view an order, or lookup the order you need

Pick the order. You can optionally print the pick list. We don't on test orders

Release the order (don't use copy release)

Select all lines, then confirm the amount due

You can optionally view the payment

Press complete

Your order is now complete


Go to Point of Sale > Tickets > Touchscreen

The process for touchscreen ticket entry is the same as regular ticket entry, but with the buttons in different locations. This can be customized per each Counterpoint instance, so these may not always be in the same locations, and can also be removed from the menu entirely

Order Management

  1. Go to Point of Sale > Order Management, then login.
  2. This menu is divided into different steps, and shows each order at each step

  1. Select all the orders you would like to pick, then select pick. Continue for pick verify and pack
  2. Release the order(s) and things will be all set

If there is an error, you'll see an exclamation mark on the order. Hover over it to see text for more details.