Instructions for creating a product and assigning it to a category

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create the new product

  1. Log into Counterpoint
  2. Click on Inventory on the left-side panel which will bring up various options in the right pane relating to Inventory
  3. Find Items and click on it to open it

Step 2: Create a new Simple Product

  1. Enter a new Item Number that another product isn't using and hit enter on the keyboard
  2. You can enter a description and set a price and set anything else that is needed for this product. Primary Vendor, Tax Category, Stocking Unit, etc.

Step 3: E-commerce Tab

  1. Check the Ecommerce Item checkbox (This is needed for your item to appear in your store)
  2. There are some things to know about the Image file input.
    1. Image names MUST match the Item Number that you created in the previous step
    2. Images CAN NOT be over 2 MB
    3. Images MUST be uploaded to the Item_Images folder
  3. Click on the 3 dots to browse your local files and find the image that you would like the product to have
  4. Edit the HTML Description (This is usually your products description)
  5. Click on save to edit Category (This is what category it will be assigned to on the website)

NOTE: Category button will greyed out until you save the product. 

Step 4: Custom Tab (CP-Commerce)

  1. Click on the Custom Tab (CP-Commerce)
  2. Enable Ecommerce Item
  3. Enable Web Enabled
  4. Save your product again

Once the product sync checks for new/changed products your new product will sync to your Magento Store.

NOTE: Product syncs normally happen every 10 minutes.