Cannot run a Validated Return

If your store is set to Authorize & Capture, you cannot use validated returns to automatically refund the card on the order

Setting to Authorize Only will allow validated returns that automatically refund the customer's card.

To use a validated return in Authorize & Capture, you will need to reobtain the payment information to process the return.

Clearing 'Synced' in Secure Pay payment

This will not void the transaction in Secure Pay.

If the original payment needs to be cleared and the customer is running their card again for the release ticket:

  1. Log into the Secure Pay Portal and find the original transaction.
  2. If it's a SALE, you can void it manually before it settles
  3. If it's PREAUTH the funds were not captured and the hold will expire

To avoid the situation, consider ringing additional items as a separate transaction after completing the original release

Replacing/Adding items with Decimal Quantity

When you edit an Ecommerce order you will not be able to add a new item or replace an item and set a decimal quantity