Paypal Payments Standard and Paypal Express are supported with the following limitations.


Multiple ReleasesYesYes
Cancel OrderYesNo
Remove QuantityYesNo
Remove LinesYesNo
Change ShippingUp to 115% / $75No
Add QuantityNoNo
Add LinesNoNo
Change PricesNoNo

NOTE: PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payments Pro, and all PayPal Gateways are not supported.

Payment Action: Authorization (Recommended)

    This type of payment action works similarly to Authorize Only in Secure Pay.  The payment from the buyer is authorized when the order is placed and PayPal funds are held for 3 days.  During this time you can release in full, release in separate tickets, remove or cancel quantity, or remove line items.  You can decrease the shipping amount or increase it with an upper limit of a grand total of %115 or $75 more than the original authorization amount. 


E.g. An order is placed for $75 with $25 shipping for a grand total of $100.  You can increase the shipping by $15 for a total of $75 + $40 shipping and a $115 grand total.


You cannot add quantity to a line, add a new line (this also means substituting items on the line, which is a remove and an add), or otherwise change any of the pricing on any line.  None of these changes will sync back up to the site and you will not capture funds for those changes from PayPal.


Returns done in CounterPoint for a PayPal order will not automatically process a refund in PayPal.  You can do returns in CounterPoint, but you will also need to initiate a manual refund in PayPal.

NOTE: You cannot add quanity, or lines, or change any prices on the order. If you do, you will not receive the correct funds from PayPal.

Payment Action: Sale

    This type of payment action works similarly to Authorize and Capture in Secure Pay.  The payment from the buyer is captured immediately and funds are transferred directly into your PayPal account.  No order edits or cancellations are supported with this payment action.  Because the payment is already captured, there is no functionality to change anything about the payment with PayPal.  If you are using this method and need to make any changes or cancel the order, you will need to handle all of this separately in your PayPal account.

CounterPoint Setup and Processing

Setup Requirements

  • Pay Code (Setup > System > Pay Codes)
    • Pay code type: Cash
    • All other settings, including the code are your preference
  • Payment Method Map (Setup > Ecommerce > Control > Payment Tab)
    • PayPal set to Code from previous Step


Payment Action: Authorization

With this method, as the payment has not been captured there is no deposit on the order.  The order will sync in with a $0.00 payment with the Pay Code defined above.  On release, you should complete the ticket with payment using the same Pay Code.

Payment Action: Sale

With this method, the payment has been captured and there will be a deposit created.  The order will sync in with the order fully paid for and you will not need to enter a payment on the release ticket.