Mageplaza Memberships is the third party extension that can be used to add membership functionality to your site.

Membership Flow for Website and In-store Purchases

Website Purchase

  1. When customers add a membership to their cart, they will need to sign-in to their website account or create one.
  2. Then, once the customer has signed-in and completes the order, the website account's membership group will automatically change to the one they bought.
    • The customer must first purchase the membership to receive any discounts.
  3. Finally, when the order syncs, the customer's Counterpoint account will get assigned to the respective membership group automatically.
    • By default, the order sync runs every 10 minutes.

In-store Purchase

  1. When customers purchase a membership in-store, their Counterpoint account will automatically get assigned the membership group.
  2. After the customer purchases the membership, how that syncs to the website will depend on if there is a website account associated with a Counterpoint customer:
    • If there is a website account associated with a Counterpoint account, the customer sync will bring up the membership group automatically.
      • By default, the customer sync runs every hour, but this can be adjusted.
      • Counterpoint accounts are associated to website accounts if:
        • The Counterpoint account is marked as ecommerce and
        • Both accounts have the same email address.
    • If there isn’t a website account and the Counterpoint account is marked as ecommerce, then a website account will be created and the customer will receive an email that an account has been created for them.