This article will go over:

Setting Up Ticket Scanning Accounts

  • A user must login to customer accounts in the customer group designated to scan tickets.
    • Customer Group - to find the customer group setup to scan tickets:

      1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to Stores > Configuration.
        1. 19010499.png
      2. Then navigate to Aheadworks Extensions > Event Tickets
        1. 19010500.png
      3. Under General > Ticket Management Group on Storefront, you will see a dropdown as follows:
        1. 19010501.png
          1. Any customer with the Customer Group selected here will be able to scan tickets.
    • Customer Account - to setup a customer account:

      1. First, you must setup a customer account on the site.

      2. Then, in the Magento Admin Panel, go to Customers > All Customers
        • 19010502.png
      3. Search for the email of the customer account you just created.
        1. 19010503.png
      4. Press Edit.
        1. 19010504.png
      5. Next, click Account Information.
        1. 19010505.png
      6. Change Group to the group setup to scan tickets.
      7. Press Save Customer.

Scanning Tickets 

  • Notes:
    • If a customer presents their ticket on a mobile device, you will need to scan the QR code using a mobile device.
    • If a customer presents a paper ticket, you can use a register scanner or a mobile device QR reader.
  • Scanning Tickets - QR - to scan QR codes on a new device:

    1. On the website homepage, login to the ticket scanning account setup.
    2. Navigate to your homepage URL + /aw_event_tickets/ticket/management
      1. For example:
    3. You should now be at the following page:
      1. 19010506.png
    4. On your device, minimize the page and open up a QR reader (on some devices, this can be your camera).
      1. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE. You must be logged in and on the page for you successfully scan tickets.

  • Scanning Tickets - Barcode - to scan barcodes:

    1. Navigate to the Ticket Management page.
      1. 19010506.png
    2. Scan the barcode.
    3. Press Check In.