We are excited to help you create your online event and start selling tickets through the webstore. In this article, we will outline the flow of how your events will sync between platforms and the general steps to create your events.

With CP-Commerce, event tickets do not sync between platforms like other products. This is due to the extensive customization allowed online that Counterpoint simply cannot account for. When customers purchase the event ticket online, the ticket purchase will automatically be processed by our sync and the customer will shortly after receive their tickets by email. Customers who purchase in store will also receive their tickets by email once our sync sees that purchase recorded.

Creating Your Event

Before we get started, please check that you have done the following:

Once you have completed the pre-event setup, follow the guides below to finish creating your event:

Step 1: Creating Your Event in Counterpoint - In this guide, you will learn how to setup your events in Counterpoint to work with CP-Commerce.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Event Online - Here you will learn how to setup the different locations, times, and number of tickets for the event.

Step 3: Creating Your Event Online - Here you will learn how to finish setting up your online event.

Each section will have links to the next section you need to complete. The above is just an overview of the event creation process.

If you have any questions or concerns after reading through the guides provided, you can email us at helpdesk@cp-commerce.com or submit a ticket in our portal at http://help.cp-commerce.com/