Event Categories / Venues

  • In the Magento Admin Panel, go to CatalogEvent Tickets by Aheadworks → Venues
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  • You will be directed to the Venuespage. This will show a list of your event categories / venues.
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  • Creating a new Event Category / Venue
    • To add a new event category / venue, click Add Venue.
    • You will be directed to the New Venuepage.
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        • General Information
          • Name is the name of the event category / venue.
          • Enable Venue sets whether that category or venue can be used for Spaces.
            • We will learn more about Spaces in  the next section.
            • This setting should remain on.
          • Address(Optional) is the address of the venue.
            • If the venue will be used as an event category rather than a venue, you can leave this blank.
        • Storefront Description
          • Title is how the category or venue appears on the website. This is automatically set as the Name.
          • Description(Optional) is information about the category or venue you would like to show on the website.
            • This will appear on the ticket purchase page.
        • Assigned Spaces
          • This section encompasses all the spaces assigned to the venue.
            • The grid consists of the following columns: ID, Venue, Name, Status, and Sectors Qty.
      • As an example, let's setup a Nature Reserve venue:
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If you have not already setup your ticket types, you can read about this process here.

If you have already setup your ticket types, you can continue to Setting Up Spaces, Sectors, and Number of Tickets Online.