Ticket Types in Counterpoint

  1. In Counterpoint, go to Setup → Inventory → Units.
    1. 19010453.png
  2. Next to Unit, click the magnifying glass icon.
    1. 19010454.png
  3. In the Unit LookUp menu, you can see the units already created.
    1. 19010455.png
      1. If the units you need for the ticket are already there, you can move on to Ticket Types on the Website.
  4. If any of the units you need for the ticket are not already there, press Cancel.
  5. You should return to the Units menu. In the text field next to Unit, type the Unit code you will be using for the ticket type and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    1. 19010457.png
  6. After pressing the Enter key, the fields below should be clickable now:
    1. 19010458.png
      1. In Description, enter in a description for the ticket type. We recommend adding "Ticket Type - " to the beginning of the description to differentiate ticket units from other ones.
      2. The section below Description should be filled out as seen above:
        1. 1 <UNIT> = 1 Stocking units

Ticket Types on the Website

  • To setup the ticket types (Adult, Child, Member, Premium, etc.) on the web side:
    1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to CatalogEvent Tickets by AheadworksTicket Types
      1. 19010361.png
    2. You will be redirected to the Ticket Typespage:
      1. 19010362.png
        1. The key part about the Ticket Type is making sure the SKU of the ticket type on the website matches a Unit in Counterpoint.

          1. WebsiteCounterpoint
            Ticket Type Location

            CatalogEvent Tickets by AheadworksTicket Types

            Setup → Inventory → Units

            Ticket Type List



            1. The SKUs on the left must correspond to the Unit on the right.

    1. Click Add Ticket Type 19010365.png
    2. You will be directed to the New Ticket Typescreen:
      1. 19010366.png
        1. General Information
          1. Name - The name of the ticket type, this will be the default customer-facing description of the ticket type
          2. Enable Ticket Type - Leave as Yes
          3. SKU - This is what will need to match the Alternate Unit on the Counterpoint side as shown above.
          4. Customer Groups- This configuration will set which customer groups the ticket type is for.
            1. You'll need to select all customer groups that are allowed to purchase this ticket type
              1. Warning

                By default the ticket types are hidden for all customer groups.

                If you need the ticket type to show for all customer groups, you will need to select each customer group in the dropdown.

          5. Customer Group Display - This configuration will set how the ticket type will show to customers that are not selected in Customer Groups.
          6. Show Default Message - This configuration sets whether customers will see the default unavailable message.
          7. Custom Message - This configuration allows you to set a custom message to be displayed when a ticket type is unavailable.
        2. Storefront Description
          1. Title - The customer-facing name of the ticket type
          2. Description - The customer-facing description of the ticket type