1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to Catalog → Event Tickets by AheadworksEvents & Tickets
    1. 19009753.png
  2. You will be directed to the Eventspage. Here you will see the list of events that you have setup. This will show both past, current, and upcoming events.
    1. 19009754.png
  3. To create a new event, press Add Event 19009756.png
  4. You will be directed to the New Product page.
    1. 19009757.png
  5. Event Configuration
    1. 41812022.png
    2. Anything not listed here does not need to be changed.
    3. Top Section (starting with Enable Product)
      1. Product Name - This will be the customer-facing name of the event.
        1. This does NOT need to correspond to any Counterpoint Item Number for the ticket.
      2. SKU

        If there are commas in the Product Name, they will need to be removed.

        The SKU should NOT match an Item Number in Counterpoint.

      3. Tax Class - If tickets are not taxed, change this to None.
      4. Categories- This will be where you set which customer-facing category the item will fall under.
        1. 41812020.png
    4. Content
      1. Description - This will be the customer-facing description of the event.

      2. Images and Videos

        1. 19009759.pngclick this to add an image for the event.

    5. Search Engine Optimization
      1. Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description - This is where you enter your SEO information for the event.
    6. Event Ticket Personalization
      1. We will cover this in a later section.
    7. Event Ticket Options
      1. 19009760.png
        • Event Start Date - Starting date for the event
        • Event End Date - End date for the event
        • Ticket Selling Deadline - When tickets can last be sold
      2. Space Configuration
        1. Step 1: Select Venue
          1. Select the Event Category/Venue for the event
          2. 19009761.png
        2. Step 2: Select Space
          1. Select the Space for the event.
          2. 19009762.png
        3. Step 3: Summary
          1. Here you can review to make sure everything is going to be setup as expected.
          2. 19009763.png
        4. Press Save Space Configuration.
      3. Ticket Setup
        1. You should now see the following underneath 19009765.png
          1. 19009764.png
        2. Each Sector will look like the following:
          1. 19009766.png
            1. Here you will setup the corresponding ticket item number from Counterpoint, the Ticket Types available for each section (10:00 AM, 10:30 AM, etc.), and the prices of the tickets.
              1. Item No - the Counterpoint number for the corresponding division
              2. Ticket Type - the type of ticket, you can add additional ticket types by clicking Add
              3. Early BIrd Price - the price of the ticket for purchasing early
              4. Regular Price - the regular price of the ticket
              5. Last Day(s) Price - the price of the ticket towards the end of the Tickets Selling Deadline
              6. Custom options per ticket type - these are additional optional configurations such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Selections, etc. that can be configured in the Event Ticket Personalization section
          2. Below is an example for the Nature Reserve event:
            1. 19009767.png
          3. Once you have finished setting up the sectors, you can press Save.

Now, you should see the events on the website and you've made your event!