The CP-Commerce Catalog Mode module allows you to disable the cart and checkout on the site. This can be helpful if your store has a temporary closing, or does not take sales.

Admin Configuration

In Stores > Configuration > CPCommerce > Catalog Mode, you'll have these settings


  • Enabled: Once enabled, the module will disable cart and checkout related features.
  • Disable Message: This message will be displayed when trying to access the cart
  • Redirect To Other CMS Page: If you want to send users trying to access the cart to a specific page, you can pick that here. If this is set to no, users will go to the homepage instead.
    • CMS Page: If the above setting is set to yes, you'll be able to set a page here. If not, this will be hidden

After changing these settings, refresh the site cache, and then your changes will be active.


  • "Add to cart" buttons, the cart icon, the cart page, and the checkout page will all be disabled and hidden
  • If the user visits the cart or checkout page by url, they'll be redirected to the homepage or the page you specify in settings