This module allows a customer to accrue a balance in A/R and pay that balance online.

Customer Paying Balance

1. The customer will login to the site.

2. Click on the arrow in the top right, and choose "My Account". This will bring them to the account information page.

3. Click on the Pay My Balance option on the left.


There are three tabs a customer can choose, "Make A Payment", "Statements","Online Payment History"

  • Make A Payment - Allows the customer to pay, as much as they want towards their balance.
  • Statements - Shows the customer a current list of their AR transactions
  • Online Payment History - Shows the customer all the payments they have made.

4. If the customer chooses to pay on their balance they will type the amount in and click "Pay"


5. The customer can choose to pay certain charges with the checkbox on the left. There is an option in the configuration to allow customers to pay multiple charges at once. This is where the customer would choose that.

6. Depending on what you have set for the redirect, once the customer clicks Pay they will be sent to one of three locations: Checkout, Cart, or stay where they are.

Configuration Explained

To access the configuration for this module:

1. Sign into your magento admin panel

2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > CPCommerce > Pay On Account


Enabled - Is the module enabled or not.

Add Link To Account Menu - Add the link to the drop down when clicking on the account dropdown.



Allow Multiple Apply-Tos - Allow the customer to apply their payment towards multiple A/R charges

  • Multiple Apply-Tos is not compatible with CounterPoint V8.4
    You should confirm your CounterPoint version before enabling this setting.

Allow Zero Balance Payments - Allow payments when customer balance is less than or equal to 0.

Minimum Payment Amont - Set the minimum the customer can pay on account. Leave Empty for no minimum.

Maximum Payment Amount - Set the maximum the customer can pay on account. Leave empty for no maximum. 

Allowed Payment Methods - Payment methods you are allowing the customer to pay their A/R charges with

Redirect On Pay - When the customer clicks pay this is where the customer will be taken.



Auto Refresh - If the information on the Pay My Balance page will auto refresh or the customer will have to refresh.

Cache Keep Days - The amount of days the cache will store data and at the end of that amount of days will refresh.



Account Information - What will show on the top line of the Pay My Balance page. What you chose (colored boxes) will show in the first row (colored boxes).


Account Tabs - What tabs will be visible on the Pay My Balance page. Whichever choices that you select (colored boxes), will be what shows in the second row (Colored boxes).