This guide will go over how to setup a new Counterpoint product tax code in Magento.

To sync Counterpoint product tax codes up to Magento, this will require a change in the sync configuration. Contact before starting the process of syncing product tax codes.

Before starting this guide, please speak with your Counterpoint partner about which tax category codes are used for ecommerce products.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Login to the Magento Admin Panel.
  2. Now, on the left hand side, go to StoresTaxes > Tax Rules:
    1. 40108203.png
  3. Here you will see your existing tax rules. Click Add New Tax Rule:
    1. 40108204.png
  4. On the next page, under Tax Rule Information, enter a name for the Tax Rule.
  5. Then, click the button 40108207.png
  6. This should open up a menu as seen below. Fill out the form and press Save.
    1. 40108206.png
      1. Tax Identifier - This is the name of the rate and how you will identify this rate in other menus.
      2. Zip/Post is Range- If this tax rate only applies to a certain range of zip codes, click this checkbox.
        1. Input the start (Range From) and end (Range To) values for the zip range.
      3. Zip/Post Code- If you did not check Zip/Post is Range, this field is to input the Zip/Post Code for this tax rate.
        1. If this is applicable to all zip codes, enter *
      4. State - This is the state the tax rate applies to. Leave as * to indicate all states.
      5. Country - This is the country the tax rate applies to.
      6. Rate Percent - The tax rate amount as a percent.
  7. After pressing Save, the Tax Rate should be automatically selected.
    1. 40108210.png
  8. Next, click on Additional Settings  and then click the Add New Tax Classbutton.
    1. 40108208.png
  9. In the field that opens up, enter the exact name of the Counterpoint tax category code here and press Enter on the keyboard.
    1. If multiple tax category codes have the same rate, you can repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other category codes.
      1. For example, if you have TAX1 and TAX2 and both have a 6% tax rate, you can enter TAX2 here.
      2. If TAX2 is a different rate, you will need to create another rule.
  10. Press 40108209.png

Once all the rules have been setup, contact to enable syncing the product tax codes.