This article will guide you on how to enable the FedEx shipping method for your webstore and allow your customers to select FedEx at checkout.

Magento Instructions: here

External Instructions: here


We recommend reading the external instructions above for more specifics.
  1. Register for a FedEx developer account
    1. You can do this here:
    2. 19009882.png
  2. Request for a Test Developer Key
    1. You can do this here:
      1. Navigate to "Develop and Test" and then click "Get Your Test Key".
    2. 19009883.png
  3. Move the Test Key to a Production key.
    1. You can do this here:
      1. Navigate to "Move to Production" and click "Get Production Key".


Once you get the Key information, you will want to add this information into Magento.

  1. Sign into your Magento Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration.


       3. On the left side, navigate to Sales > Shipping Methods.


       4. Open the section named FedEx.

       5. Enter in your account information.

              a. Set "Enabled for Checkout" to Yes

              b. Account ID

              c. Meter Number,

              d. Key

              e. Password


       6. Next you will want to choose what methods your customers can choose from. You can choose one or multiple by pressing CTRL + Left click.


       7. For further explanation of the configurations of FedEx visit: here.

If you would like Negotiated Rates, you will need to enable them with your FedEx account and then enable them in Magento.

       8. Click Save Config in the upper right hand corner.


      9. After you save you will need to clear your cache. Instructions to do this are located here.