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This article will guide you on how to enable the USPS shipping method for your webstore and allow your customers to select USPS at checkout.

Magento Instruction: here.


  1. Create a USPS account.
    1. Visit here.
    2. Fill out the information.
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    3. Once you register, you will receive account information by email that you will need later in this guide.
  2. Enable USPS and enter information.
  3. Login to your Magento admin panel
  4. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.
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  5. In the left panel, expand Sales and choose Shipping Methods.
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  6. Expand the USPS section.
  7. Enter your account information:
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      1. Set "Enabled for Checkout" to Yes.
      2. If needed, enter the Gateway URL to access USPS shipping rates. The field is preset by default, and normally does not need to be changed.
      3. Enter a Title for this shipping method that will appear during checkout.
      4. Enter the User ID of your USPS account (This is can be found in the email sent to you from step 1).
      5. Enter the Password of your USPS account (This is can be found in the email from step 1).
      6. Set "Mode" to Live
  8. Next you will choose which methods your customers can choose from. You can choose one or multiple.
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    2. Further configuration is explained: here.
      1. If you would like negotiated rates. You will need to enable it with your USPS account, then enable it in Magento.

  9. Once you are done with the configuration make sure to click Save Config in the upper right hand corner.

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  10. After you save you will need to clear your cache. Instructions on how to do that can be viewed here.