This article will guide you on how to enable the UPS shipping method for your webstore and allow your customers to select UPS at checkout.

Magento Instructions: here

External Instructions: here


  1. You will need to set up a UPS account.
    1. Visit here
  2. Once you have set up an account visit: here and click request a key.
    1. Go through the process of requesting the key.


Once you are done you should see a screen similar to this:


After you have set up the API key you will have to enter the information into your Magento admin panel.

  1. Sign into your Magento admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration.
    1. 19009889.png
  3. On the left, open Sales > Shipping Methods.
    1. 19009891.png
  4. Open the UPS section.
  5. Now, enter the information you just got from UPS into the admin panel (you may need to uncheck "Use system value"):
    1. 19009910.png
      1. Set "Enabled for Checkout" to Yes
      2. Set "Live Account" to Yes.
      3. Access License Number
      4. Set "Mode" to Live
      5. User ID
    2. 19009911.png
      1. Password
  6. Next you will want to enter what methods you would like to allow the customers to choose from. You can choose one or multiple by pressing CTRL + Left click.
    1. 19009912.png
    2. Further explanation on the configuration can be viewed here.
      1. If you would like to use negotiated rates, you will need to enable them with your UPS account and then enable it in Magento.

  7. Once you are done with configuration make sure to Save Config in the top right corner.

    1. 19009896.png

  8. After you save, you will need to clear your cache. Instructions to do this can be viewed here.