This article covers how to upload images to products that will be shown on their product pages and be used as thumbnails previews. In order to upload images for general use across the website, see this article.

CPC Sync

If your website store uses CPC to sync CounterPoint and Magento, changes made as written in this article will be overridden.

You'll want to edit the images in CounterPoint and then allow CPC to update Magento to match CounterPoint. To add images in CounterPoint, see this article.

Navigating to a Product's Image Uploader

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products


2. If you want to create a new product, click "Add Product" in the top right, and fill out the essential product information in general and prices.


Note this is not recommended for users using CounterPoint. Add products in CounterPoint first, then allow changes to by synced to Magento.

3. If you want to edit an existing product, then click on the product's listing. At the top there are several attributes that can be used to search for the product you wish to edit. The name and SKU in particular are some of the most helpful.


Uploading Images

Once at the product information screen, navigate to "Images and Videos" and browse for images to upload.

Once you have uploaded all the images you want, click "Save"


Using Images

Now the images you've uploaded are in the store, but not being used. Products default to having no image, and can set their default to be the image of your choice.

Select the roles you want the image to have in the Role field on the right.


Once you are done click the save button in the top right corner.


Now the product will display the uploaded image in the store.

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