This tutorial will require the shop by brands add on.

This allows customers to shop by a specific attribute in your store. It can let customer shop by the brands offered in your store, but also allows you to select something else to sort by. If you wanted to allow customers to browse sports apparel by team, that's one other example use case. The rest of this article is written assuming that you're using brands, but is still applicable if you're using other data.

If you do not have this and would like to add it in, please contact support.


First you will need a product in Counterpoint that has synced to the website with your brand. 

Finding the Brand Attribute

If you need to find which attribute you're using for the brand, check Stores > Configuration > Amasty > Improved Layed Navigation: Brands, and check the "Brand Attribute" setting.

Adding the Brand

Select your brand Attribute. This can be found in the website under Stores > Attributes > Product


Under the managed options section, each existing value has a settings section


Adding Options

If you need to add options, add them in Counterpoint and allow the sync to bring them up to the website

In the settings section, you'll need to:

  • Add a logo under Page Content > Image
    • By default, Other > Small Image will use the same image, but you can use a different one if desired.
  • Adjust metadata as needed for SEO
  • Optionally, add page content for descriptions
  • If you want this to be one of the featured brands on the brands page, enable "Show in Brand Slider"
  • Save when done


After saving, you may need to clear the website cache in System > Tools > Cache Management for the brands to update.

Then you should be able to see the new brand added on the website