This article describes how to enable or disable a Layered Navigation Attribute on your Catalog Pages. Layered Navigation adds the attributes on the side of the catalog pages that products can be filtered by such as price, brand, and other attributes.

Enabling an attribute for Layered Navigation will ONLY work for attributes with the input types: Yes/No, Dropdown, Multiple Select and Price

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to the Admin Panel at your store management URL. This will be located at the store website address with a /manage after it.
    For example, or

  2. Go to Stores > Attributes > Product:
  3. You should now see the following information:
    In the field I have surrounded in red, enter the name of attribute you are looking for and then press Enter on the keyboard. As an example, I have searched for price.

    If you are unsure what attribute you are looking for, you can contact us at for more information.

  4. You should now see the following table (you may or may not have the am_giftcard_prices or other attribute codes!):
    19008566.pngClick on the row that has the exact code you are looking for in the left-most column. In the example above, we searched for price and will click on the attribute code with the name that matches it.

  5. You should now be a screen similar to the one below:
    19008568.pngClick Storefront Properties.
  6. You should now be at a screen similar to the one below:
    19008570.pngClick on the dropdown menu surrounded in red above.
  7. You should see the following options:
    a.) No - Disables the attribute as a filter
    b.) Filterable (with results) - Enables the attribute as a filter only if the filter has results
    c.) Filterable (no results) - Enable the attribute as a filter regardless of if the filter has results

  8. Press Save Attribute.
  9. Clear Cache.

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