This article will explain how to set up Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) in magento, and use it to hide prices on certain items.

Global Configuration

These settings will be for all items that have a MAP value set to it

1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel.

2. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration


3. In the left-hand panel, under Sales, select Sales


4. Expand the "Minimum Advertised Price" block


Enable MAP - This must be set to Yes to apply MAP on the front end, regardless of what individual item configurations are defined. As noted in the warning shown in the screenshot, this will serve as a general rule to hide ALL prices on the front end by default. If you only want to hide prices for certain items, refer to the Product Price Configuration below.

Display Actual Price - This allows for three different settings for how/where prices are displayed: 

  1. In Cart - The price will be hidden on the catalog and product view pages, but will be visible in the cart once the item is added.
  2. Before Order Confirmation - The price will be hidden on the catalog and product view pages as before, but it will also be hidden in the cart. The price will not be shown until the Order Review in the late stages of checkout.
  3. On Gesture (on click) - The price is hidden on the catalog and product views pages, but will be visible on the "Click for info" popup.

Default Popup Text Message -  Defines the text shown when clicking the "Click for Info" that replaces the price in the catalog when Apply MAP is enabled for that product.


Default "What's This" Text Message - Defines the text shown when clicking the "What's This?" link that appears on the product view page when Apply MAP is enabled for that product.


Product Price Configuration

To apply MAP rules only to specific products, find the product you wish to change and set a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

By default, there is nothing mapped to MAP values from Counterpoint, so these settings can be handled entirely in magento without being overridden by the sync. If you would prefer to manage these settings in Counterpoint, you may put in a helpdesk ticket, and CPC support can assist you with setting up mappings for these fields.

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products


2. Scroll down till you see Price

3. Click on Advanced Pricing


3. Set Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - The price that will be compared to the item price. If the item price is lower that this price it will hide the price. If the item price is higher than this price it will show the item price.

Display Actual Price - Same values as the global setting but this is for this specific item. Only difference is if you use the "Use Config" choice it will use what you set in the global configuration for the Display Actual Price input.

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