This article covers how to add a 'Recently Viewed Products' section to your site. 

Step-by-step Guide

   1. Login into the magento admin panel

   2. Go to Content > Elements > Widgets


   3. Click the Add Widget Button (Top Right)


   4. For Type select: ‘Recently View Products’

       For Design Theme select:  your theme

       Select Continue when done


   5. In Storefront Properties:

            Widget Title: Give your Widget a title

            Assign to Store Views: All Store Views (only shows if you have multiple store views)


   6. Right below Storefront Properties you will find ‘Layout Updates’ section

              Click on ‘Add Layout Update’

              Display On: Specified Page (you can choose from the other options as well)

              Page: Select the desired page

              Block Reference: Select your preferred reference to show it

Note that each field populates after the previous selection.


   7. On the left select ‘Widget Options’, here you can choose:

              - how many recently viewed products to display.

              - which product attributes to display.

              - which buttons to display.


   8. At the top right click the 'Save' button and check your specified page. In case you don't see anything on the page remember to clear your cache.


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