This article will guide you through the steps of adding category information to the website.

Step-by-step guide

  1.  Go to Catalog → Categories and select the category you would like to edit.         19006871.png
  2. Once a category has been synced from Counterpoint, you can modify the following areas.
    1. Do not change Category Name or URL Key.

    2. Enable Category - this sets whether the category is accessible to customers.
    3. Include in Menu - this sets whether the category shows in the top navigation menu.
    4. Content
      1. 19006873.png
        1. Category Image - this sets the image that shows at the top of the category landing page.
        2. Description - This will be overwritten by the HTML description in Counterpoint.
    5. Search Engine Optimization
      1. 19006874.png
        1. URL Key - This must not be modified.
        2. Meta Title - this adds the meta title for SEO crawlers will default to "Name" if nothing is entered.
        3. Meta Keywords - this add the meta keywords for SEO crawlers
        4. Meta Description - this adds the meta description for SEO crawlers (not visible unless viewing source)
      2. For more information about the category meta data, please see Magento's article on this section:


          3. Category Page View