This article will guide you through setting up Two-Factor Authentication for your administrator account.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Login to the Magento admin panel.
    1. After you login, you should see the following message:
  2. Login to your email account and open the email with the subject: "2FA configuration required for ...". The body should say "You are required to configure personal Two-Factor Authorization in order to login to ...".
  3. Click the "Click here" link in the email.48398841.png
  4. After clicking the link, you should see a page that looks like the following image:


  5. Next, you will want to install an authenticator application.
    1. For Desktop:
      1. One option is to use an extension such as Authenticator.
        1. Install for:
          1. Google Chrome
          2. Microsoft Edge
          3. Firefox
        2. The extension will show up to the right of the address bar, so you can easily copy and paste the authenticator code each time you login.
      2. Alternatively, you can download a program like WinAuth.
    2. For Mobile:
      1. You will want to install the Google Authenticator mobile app.
        1. Android
        2. iPhone
  6. Now in the application you chose, add either the QR or text code from the login page. 
    1. For Authenticator, you can follow the guide here:
    2. For WinAuth, you can follow the Install Instructions on the page here:
    3. For the mobile apps, when you start the app, follow the steps it provides to add your account.
  7. After you've set it up, you should see a record that looks similar to the the image below:48398845.png
  8. Copy the code and return to the Magento login page.
  9. Enter the code into the Authenticator code field and click Confirm.48398846.png
  10. You are now setup with Two-Factor Authentication The next time you login, you will just need to copy the code from the Authenticator app and enter it into the Authenticator code field like in step 9.48398847.png