Do you need to confirm a promotion will sync up to the website? Is the online price not what you thought it would be?

Counterpoint's Price Test utility can help make sure your sales are setup correctly before they are synced to the online store.

The Price Test Utility only applies if you are using Calculated Price.

To see if you are using Calculated Price, go to Ecommerce > Control > Prices and check the settings for Selling Price > Selling Price and List Price > List Price.

Before you start...

There is some information you'll need to gather before filling out the Price Test utility form.

Store and Location

First, we will need to find the ecommerce store and location in Counterpoint.

You can find these under Setup > Ecommerce > Control > Main.

Note the Store, Default ship-from location, and Default price-from location.


Then, you will need the customer to calculate prices from.

You can find this in the same menu under the Prices tab > Calculate Prices Using.

Note the Customer #.

Using the Price Test Utility

  1. In Counterpoint, go to Inventory > Utilities > Price Test.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. Customer # from the previous step
    2. Item number you want to check the price of
    3. Store from the previous step
      1. Verify the Ship-from and Price-from locations.
    4. If the promotion is in the future, you can use the As of field to test the promotion date and time.
  3. Press Get Price.

Next Steps

If the price found above does not match the online price, please contact or create a ticket in our helpdesk.

If the price found above does match the online price but the price is incorrect, please correct the price rules used and run the price test utility again.

If you need help with setting up price rules, you will want to contact your Counterpoint partner.