Validated Returns allow you to look up a ticket and select each item on the ticket that a customer is returning. Each item you choose appears as a validated return line on the current ticket. Counterpoint tracks validated return lines against the original ticket, which prevents a customer from returning the same item multiple times and ensures that each item is returned for the price at which it was initially sold.

    This feature virtually eliminates your risk of theft due to multiple returns, reduces your chances of accepting returns for merchandise you did not sell, and minimizes losses that can be incurred by returning items for more than the price at which they were originally sold. This feature also allows you to offer customers the ability to return items without their original receipts.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From  Touchscreen Ticket Entry, select  the Validated return command to display the validated returns window


  2. In the Find Document field, enter or look up the original ticket number on which the item the customer is returning, or scan the ticket number bar code on the customer's receipt.


  3. After pulling up your validated return Select the item or items being returned


  4. After selecting the item lines and choosing OK you will be brought back to Touchscreen mode with the items added in a Validated return line


  5. After confirming the correct items are being returned select the form of tender the customer used.
    **Credit cards captured with SecurePay will return the payment to the original card using the SecurePay token for that transaction**

  6. Select pay ticket balance and you have completed your validated return.