This article will explain how to set up kits in counterpoint to be synced up to the website, as well as how substitute items are handled. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. In Counterpoint, go to Inventory → Sales Kits. You must have an Item already created to use for the kit.

    As of the time of writing this article, The only supported kit type is Miscellaneous. To set up a kit of this type, the Item must be set up as Non-Inventory.


    As with other Items, in order to be synced up to the website, the item must be set as an E-Commerce item, in the Ecommerce tab, and must be placed in an Ecommerce category. Also, each of the component items of the kit must be Ecommerce items as well.

  2. Select the Item Number for the item to use as the base of the kit, and use the Components section below to enter items. Quantities entered will be honored on the magento site. (if you need further assistance, your Counterpoint provider should be able to provide it).


    The "Comment" and "Display Note" fields used in the backend are not used on the frontend of the site, it uses the description fields from the Item.

    The CPCommerce sync does not support gridded items as component items.

  3. For each component, Substitute items defined by the Items substitute items tab will carry over to the site as well. They will appear as a choice on the product page when adding to the cart.
    For Example:



    The item selected for Option 3 (BOK-98115) has a substitute item assigned (BOK-98116). This item shows up in the dropdown on the website as another available option that the user can select.

    At the time of writing this article, editing the quantities in magento is not supported, the order must use the quantities set in the Components section in Counterpoint.

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