You've added a new item in Counterpoint, yet it is still not showing up on your CP-Commerce site. This article will go step-by-step through possible causes to help you figure out why the item is not showing up.


  • First, sign into the Magento admin panel and navigate to Catalog → Products to check if the item is showing up.


  • To quickly check, you can filter by the SKU (This will be the same as the Counterpoint Item #).


If the item is not listed in the admin section, check to make sure that item has been flagged as an E-Commerce item in counterpoint (Ecommerce item checkbox on the Ecommerce tab is checked). Only E-commerce items will upload to the site, the rest will be ignored by the sync.


If the item is listed in the backend, however is not showing up on the frontend of the site, check the following:

  1. In the Admin Panel, got to Catalog → Products
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  2. Check to see if the item is disabled. You can check this on the right side of the item list.

    If the item is disabled, it will not show up on the frontend, despite having its information loaded into the backend. Check the CP-Commerce tab in Counterpoint to make sure the "Web Enabled" checkbox is checked:


    Also, check to make sure that the item is not Web Archived. If an item is archived, it will sync up to the site, however it will be set as out of stock and removed from any categories - this way it will only be visible through a direct link:


  3. Clear your Cache

    Whenever a new item is added to the site, the cache must be cleared to update the frontend. Similarly, the cache needs to be cleared whenever categories are updated, among other things. So in most cases, clearing the cache will solve the issue.

  4. Check to make sure the item is assigned to an E-Commerce category. Items that are not assigned categories in Magento will not show up in the catalog (though, they may still appear when searched for, or when a direct URL is entered into the browser's address bar).
  5. Check to make sure the item has inventory records. The item needs to have inventory records created in order to show up on the site. If an item has been created but has no inventory, it will be synced up to the site, however it will be set as Disabled. Furthermore, the item either needs to have inventory in stock, or have the "Always in Stock" option selected on the CPCommerce tab to show up.

    Remember to be aware of the Out Of Stock Quantity on the CP-Commerce tab - This is the threshold upon which items will be considered "Out Of Stock" on the site. If this is set, your items may appear out of stock even if there are more than 0 in stock.

    Your site may be configured to show items in the frontend even if they are out of stock. You can check this by going to Stores → Configuration → Catalog → Inventory → Stock Options.


  6. If you've tried all of the above and the item still is not showing up, you can try opening the item in Magento, and Clicking "Save" without making any changes. You may also try setting the item's status to "Disabled", saving, then setting it back to "Enabled" and saving again.

    Step 5 is not something that should be expected as part of the process of uploading items, it is simply a quick fix to a quirk that can sometimes occur in Magento.

    Remember that if you take any of the steps above that involve making changes in Counterpoint, the changes will not be pushed up to the site until the next sync runs. By default, this is every 10 minutes, however your schedule may have been changed to a different interval. If you want to check or change your intervals, contact CP-Commerce support.

    After any Counterpoint changes have been synced up to the Magento site, then you will likely need to Clear Cache for these changes to show up.

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