This article covers all the tasks within the products page of the sync interface.

For an overview of how to interact with each task, visit this article.




This sync task finds changed item details and adds these items to the queue. This task will look for general item changes, except for image changes which are found by the Image Changes task.

After finding changed items this sync queues those items to be updated. We recommend a frequent setting such as every ten minutes.

In the Magento 2 sync, images and price changes are handled via separate sync tasks, except for when an item is created on the website.



This sync task updates categories online with your ecommerce categories from Counterpoint. Categories will be added, renamed, and moved by this sync based on your Counterpoint ecommerce category data. Category images are not synced. 

To see more about editing ecommerce categories see Counterpoint: How to Create an Ecommerce Category and Add Items

Category Items


When items change categories, this sync task will update them on the website. 



This sync task takes care of the number of items in stock.

It's useful to have this on a frequent setting, such as every 10 minutes.

Price Changes


This sync task checks Counterpoint for the current price as set from promotions.

We recommend having this occur daily at 01:00am in your Counterpoint server's timezone, and having counterpoint promotions start at the beginning of the day.

This sync compares the current price set by promotions, not future prices.

If a promo in Counterpoint is set to start at 6am, and the price change task runs at 1am, it will not find price changes to push to the store.

We recommend having promotions start at the beginning of the day and having price changes run early in the day such as at 1am. This way price changes will be found on the day of the promotion.



This sync task updates the images for products that are already online with images found by the Find Image Changes sync.

Updating Product Images Immediately

If you added the images during the day and want to update a product's images immediately, follow these steps:

Step 1: Checking for Images

Before you can sync the new images, the CP-Commerce Integration needs to locate the images and validate them for processing. This process is done automatically for all items on a nightly basis to make sure your store is up to date with the latest images.

Follow the steps below to check for the new images:

  1. In the sync interface, go to Products.

  2. Then, click on the Images tab.44433419.png

  3. You should see a table. Find the Item No column.

  4. Click on the field with the placeholder text Item No and enter in the item number.

    1. As an example, we will be using the item 12345.
  5. After searching for the item, a row should appear beneath the table as can be seen below:
  6. Under Actions, click the magnifying glass button19008524.png. This will check to see if there are new images for that item.

After pressing the magnifying glass, you do not need to do the next step. The integration will automatically sync the images on the next interval.

If you would like to sync them immediately, follow the step below:


Step 2: Syncing New Images

  1. Now, we need to filter the table to show all the item images. Remove the item number under Item No and re-enter it under File Name.

  2. You should now see table rows for each item image if the images were named in the proper format.
  3. At the end of each row, you should see the following buttons under Actions: 44433416.png
    1. If you only have one or two images to sync, press the green sync button on the left for each image.
    2. If you have multiple images to sync, press the blue queue button on the right for each image.
    3. If you are looking for a specific grid, add ^<grid value> to the File Name.
      1. For example, 12345^Yellow

Image Changes


This sync task compares images in Magento and Counterpoint to see if images need to be updated. After it finds them, it queues those items to be updated, similar to items.

We recommend having this occur daily at 00:00, and significantly less often than the regular item sync due to the file sizes of images.