Login Screen

Here you'll be able to log in using the same credentials as the Magento admin panel.





Master Sync: Automatic syncs can be turned on/off by clicking the round button on the left. You can still manually sync with the Master sync off.


Counterpoint Connection Down: The sync has lost the connection to Counterpoint, and will not be able to access information from it. Check the linked guide here.

List of Syncs

Here is a list of all the major sync tasks. For more information, visit their main pages.

  • Products
    • Sync tasks that are related to your items, inventory, and other data
  • Customers
    • Syncing ecommerce Customers and related information
  • Orders
    • Syncing orders to and from the website and Counterpoint
  • Misc Tasks
    • Syncing price rules, gift cards, and other miscellaneous data.

The Tabs on Each Task

This section covers the sync, queue, and log tabs on each task.


Each task can be enabled, disabled, and rescheduled from the top menu.


Sync Tab


On many tasks, you'll be able to choose to sync information. This is an example of the items page.

Queue Changed


This button takes all changed items and adds them to a list. Once added to the queue, the sync will begin to work through items until the list is done.

The number in the button shows how many changed items have been found.

Queue All


The queue all button takes all items and adds them to the list of items to update. This can a long time, depending on the number of items in the store.

Queue Item


When viewing specific items, this button adds that item to the queue. This is the recommended option for general use.

Sync Item


When viewing specific items, this button syncs that item now, ignoring the queue. This can be useful to push an item ahead in line.

Queue Tab


This page contains a list of all items in the queue.

If items remain in the queue without any activity for several minutes, try syncing that item. If it cannot finish syncing, contact support.

Log Tab


This page contains a list of recently finished tasks within the last week. 

To search for items with a certain result, go to "Level" and select that result. This is helpful for finding only records with errors.